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For Jenny, Julian, our families and friends, and all of our heroes that died this year.


released November 21, 2016

All songs written and recorded by Trevor Free and Savannah Free at Violet/Adolescent Studios.

Mixed by Eric Robertson, and mastered by Christian Burton; both at Pleasant Picture Studios.



all rights reserved


Sister Adolescent Provo, Utah

Trio from Provo, UT. Inspired by Caribou, Jamie XX, Panda Bear, Radiohead. Champions of pottery and NBA Live.

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Track Name: Intra
Changes in our lives
Forced by some old light
Parachutes in the grass
Where would you go, if I asked?
We’re helpless
I’m helpless
Track Name: Glowfish
Opened up my eyes—everything was black
Maybe I was glowing white, with no way to get back
I was drifting through the void, with my thoughts
The strings so calmly tethered tight, were cut off
Where you are, and go, I’ll sense and I’ll follow
Your signals
If you’re down on the other end of the fishbowl
No momentum
I will find you.

Is this where everybody ends –a destination?
Is it wide, or thin—an oscillation?
Was I designed a moment on a screen someone’s watching?
Or am I a part of everything, a life I’m haunting?
Did I come here guided by my heart?
How sophomoric
Broken, hollowed into parts—I don’t know where to start
Track Name: Modern Beasts
Truest Father of the Nile,

How am I to reconcile—in the body of a bear, to be an honorable child? I’d say I’d do anything for you, but I don’t know if that’d be true. At the moment that feels right, but in the night I get so tired—and I don’t know what to do, or what to prove. Where were you, when I needed you? Your little boy was I, swimming against the river? My legs were strong, but after long I was cold; my body was blue, but my heart was gold.

Noble Father of the sea,

How should I live, in spite of me? In the body of a shark; wanting to feed, but I’m not hungry. I’d wash Your feet if You were here, your words all bringing us to tears. My mind has memorized Your dance, but my feet won’t follow plans—both belonging to my body. I worry, in spite of everything You’ve told me; I am full of holes, unholy. Your little boy, was I? Swimming against the river, my legs were strong, but after long I was cold. My body was blue, but my heart was gold.
Track Name: End Dream
When they changed all of the rules
After the sun ran out of fuel
Set sail the final ship of fools
Where will you tell me to go?

Traced through the heavy piles of doubt
Kept digging upwards from your mouth
Four-hundred ninety-one (70x7+1) to count
I’ve been long since, over now

In the upstairs of your house
With so much to think about
Videos until the time ran out
I wanted to make you proud

We laughed at all my fickle dreams
My sisters, brother in between
My bird sang songs of empathy
As I drifted off to sleep

In the upstairs of your house
With nothing to think about
Trembling at the thought of this all now
You should have known this from your tower
Track Name: Blameless
Shooting with a broken arrow
a path become so straight and narrow
When did the divide become so large, that we can’t be who we really are?

You are amiable and you are kind, but how often should you speak your mind?
Fighting for a Taurus theme, are you sure it’s what you really mean?

It stays the same, were you expecting it to change?
All my answers got new questions, when did it all rearrange?

The chemicals won’t lose their spot, and I keep washing
But I guess that I forgot
It feels haunting
When we finally find the end
It is not aimless
Not in spite of where we’ve been
But I’m not blameless, am I?

The pictures of all different age
But you line them up the look the same
Trying to forget some carnal dream
A generation lost in everything
Track Name: Softskeleton
Will the last one out, to turn off the light, where did you go?
Bleach blonde hair, hollowed out hands
Covered in snow

The changing tide, reversing mind
You watching me
Infinity draped over me
No, I wont

You arrive in everything you own
Soaked to the bone
No one is home
From the hill you’re laughing at the sight
Your feet standing, built on nothing

Will the last one out to fall through the door, what took you so?
Hair pulled tight on your soft skeleton
Your paler though
Than I remembered then

Oh this old line
In 4/4 time
An easy life, in the cold
You’re watching me
Infinity draped over me
No, I wont
Track Name: Lost Thoughts
Trying to find where to begin
I guess anywhere is a fine place to start
A heavy bag of books
My shoulders both sag
Trying to pick this thing apart

I was climbing the sierras with blisters on my feet
My shoes were small
Threw my boots both down the mountain
Screaming upwards at the sky
No one was listening
At all

I guess I found where to begin
Again, it seems to start in my chest
Kept pulling at the metal
At matted lines of wire
Till soon
Nothing was left

I guess I taped up my feet
And I walked till I slept
I dreamt of the people that I love
Let them how l at the sky where the moon looked so white
It was covered in blood

All I wanted was you with me, but I drifted off to sleep
When I awoke I felt so lost
There’s a version where this ends
Everyone I know is gone and I am left
I am left here with my thoughts
Track Name: Destiny/Choice/Luck
Meet me underneath the arch
I know I’ll find you
You’re hard to miss dear
We played all of the outlined parts
Both without knowing
Uncanny symmetry

If we had known this was a rouse
Large Coca-Colas, our mundane meta-dramas
I’d trace back everything I knew
I’d pull the wires, and give a better heart to you

I never thought then, so caught up
This would not be forgot
A devil’s shroud of parlor magic
Waiting for the other shoe to drop

It’s so dark, my light
The sun it faded
And went without me knowing
Stay with me, my love, through the night
Though I am undeserving

Meet me down upon the ground,
In your apartment, with your intentions
The carpet’s staring at me know
Its growing lilies that I’d forgotten

All cut and cast into the fire
You gave me everything, and I keep cleaning out the shelves
The beast is strong the ghost retires
I clutch you safely
Can I protect your from myself?